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Ghana 4 Jesus

World 4 Jesus is proud to announce the next upcoming project in the nation of Ghana. Ghana has been on W4J’s radar for years, and now, thanks to the help of several powerful ministries G4J will be launching at the end of October! When you think of World 4 Jesus, you might think of specific ministries; but this movement covers blanket of different things God is doing all of the world. A Lot of things have to take place before you can say people are going after and entire nation. Sometimes, ministries have to take a step of faith to make spreading the gospel possible. Thanks to teams inside of Ghana and from around the world the possibility of Ghana 4 Jesus has become a reality. World 4 Jesus will be going into the nation and partnering with Manna Missions during their 30 year anniversary. During that time, Ministries will casting vision all over the city of Accra. On October 31st, Manna Mission is holding a public crusade, where the community will be inviting those who need a miracle. This event will cast the vision for Ghana 4 Jesus.

Friends and Partners, We are asking you to believe with us for “Ghana 4 Jesus”. During this month of October, we need prayer warriors to cover this event in the blood of Jesus. We need intercessors to believe for a great release of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. W4J has carried a verse in its hearts since the beginning, and that is 2 Corinthian 5:17 which says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” We want you to know how powerful your prayers are. When you pray for this event, think of the 100,000+ people who will attend, think of the miracles that they came for, think of the power of Jesus and what he can do. Pray.

Preemptive promotion is being sent to the churches and to public television. Here is a video of Dr. James Horvath inviting people to this event. Let this be an encouragement, as we all continue through this month; remember that there are people seeing this that will be coming to something that is going to change their life.

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