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What is W4J


W4J (WORLD4JESUS) is a worldwide project which is strategically working on the evangelization of 192 nations- nation by nation, and city by city. Apostolic Teams of as many as 300 different ministries from around the world invade a nation for 10 days holding Billy Graham Style Crusades. These evangelistic campaigns are held in the nation’s largest buildings in every major city simultaneously- resulting in mass conversion of nations, sparking End-Time Revival in the nation.


W4J Birthed out of JHM

W4J (World4Jesus) was birthed out of a vision that was given to Dr. Horvath the day that God called him into ministry. On July 4th 1981, while in prayer, Dr. Horvath heard the audible voice of God, “I am calling you to be an Assemblies of God Minister, I am calling you to be a light in a dark place, and I am calling you to be a bridge builder.”


Simultaneously, when he heard God’s voice, he opened his eyes and saw an open vision, like turning on a black and white television. He saw a series of 7,000 islands and a black ball that bounced from the north to the south and the south to the north, around the top of the nation and back down to the south. Three times the ball bounced over the nation of the Philippines.

JHM (James Horvath Ministries) was formed and after 18 years of preparation Dr. Horvath and his apostolic teams began traveling into the nation of the Philippines. To date JHM has held crusades in 85 cities across the Philippines and led over 1 million Filipinos to Christ. Over a 25 year time period, those numbers equate to having led 5% of the nation’s population to Christ!

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A Second Vision in 2013 Births P4J (Philippines4Jesus)

Dr. Horvath had a second vision in 2013. He saw the hand of God come out of heaven and the hand set up 192 dominoes. He asked God, “What are these?” The Lord replied, “These are the nations of the earth!” As Dr. Horvath looked; he could see the name across the top of the first domino: PHILIPPINES. The rest of the nation’s names were blurred. Then as he looked, the Hand of God came out of Heaven a second time and the finger of God struck the “Nation of the Philippines - Domino” and that domino struck the next one, and bam, bam, bam….all the dominoes went down very quickly. God said, “Now I want you to challenge your friends in ministry to come with you to take the gospel to every major city of the Philippines!”


W4J's First National Outreach (Philippines 4 Jesus):

Over 200 ministries from around the world responded to Dr. Horvath’s invitation in Nov. 2014 to come to the Philippines for the P4J (Philippines4Jesus) nationwide invasion. 32,000 churches nationwide were involved in the P4J initiative which held crusades in 29 cities and resulted in 310,000 people giving their lives to Christ in a 10 day window. Week 1 took place in Manilla where Dr. Horvath and his teams rented the 7 largest buildings in a city of more than 29 million people, including the 30,000 seat Areneta Arena (also the 14,000 seat Astrodome, the 12,000 seat Ynares Colosseum, and 10,000 seat Cathedral of Praise, 8000 seat Word of Hope).

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W4J's 2nd Nationwide Invasion I4J (Ireland 4 Jesus):

The Week of Pentecost 2017: more the 300 ministries responded to a second invitation from Dr. Horvath to participate in the nationwide invasion of the Island of Ireland. These ministries went into 17 different cities in the Historic Nationwide I4J (Ireland4Jesus) events.


This was historic because there had never been a nationwide evangelistic campaign across Northern U.K. Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the South. Over 1000 churches from every denomination in Ireland (including Catholics, Anglican Church of Ireland, Baptists, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Non-Denominational churches) participated in nationwide I4J events.


News of I4J spread across Ireland and around the world not just on Christian but also secular TV. One of the highlights of the nationwide event was when the churches in the city of Dublin cancelled their services on Pentecost Sunday and came to the National Stadium for Unity Service; the largest service like it ever in the history of the Christianity in Ireland!


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Revival Continues in Philippines & Ireland

Apostolic teams continue to travel into both the Philippines and Ireland. Dr. Horvath, and other teams have traveled back into both nations to do follow up work and to continue to “stoke the fires” of revival. The Philippines is reported to be in in full blown nationwide revival.


In addition to Dr. Horvath’s follow up trip back into Dublin in August of 2017, there were 25 different teams that have made trip back into Ireland in 2018! EJM (Eddie James Ministries) returned under the direction of Dr. Horvath for six weeks and re-visited all 17 cities where I4J crusades were held. Eddie said, “It was like I4J Part2!”


A major part of W4J is not only to do nationwide invasions, but to also to build relational bridges between ministries and nations where ongoing ministry can occur. Dr. Horvath believes that “power follows though relationships!”

Bahamas 4 Jesus (B4J)

Bahamas 4 Jesus took place in the month of November in 2018. Ministries came together on all of the prominent islands and held revival rallies, ministry in k-12 schools, and outreaches. Thousands upon Thousands of kids gave their lives to Christ during classes, which is significant because 60% of the Bahamian population consists of youth. We held meetings that brought all of the prominent ministries in the nation together. International Delegates met with churches to release words of faith to not only start a revival but to continue it. Bahamas 4 Jesus was the largest evangelical outreach to happen at one time around the entire nation.


In 2019, Hurricane Dorian struck the nation with fatal devastation. The Disaster left many without homes, food, and even water. Just a little less than a year after Bahamas 4 Jesus took place. We believe that God had us go-to the nation for a reason during that time, because due to the church networking that happened during B4J. We able to send supplies directly to were they needed so that they were distributed properly.

The Nations are lining up!

Jesus said the final sign of the times before His return would be, “The gospel of the kingdom being preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14).


We believe that W4J is one of the major end-time vehicles that God is raising up to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). A proof of this is the momentum that is building as nations are lining up requesting W4J teams to come and hold nationwide events in their countries.


SCOTLAND: S4J is already a reality in the making. Dr. James and Pastor Michele made an advance trip into Scotland in 2017. CGIA (Church Growth International of the Americas) have also made several advance trips into Scotland and together have targeted Sept. of 2020 for the nationwide Scotland4Jesus Outreach. The Evangelical leaders of the Highlands of Scotland believe S4J will be the catalyst for revival to sweep across the U.K. into England, then into all of Europe!


SWAZILAND: After I4J, a team traveled into Swaziland and testified to the leaders of the nation about what happened in Ireland. These leaders immediately formed a Swaziland4Jesus committee which has been meeting for the past year. In two weeks, we have been invited to attend a crusade and promote S4J to the leaders including a presentation before the King and Queen of the nation!


GHANA & UGANDA: Both countries are begging for W4J apostolic teams to come to their nations. JHM has been traveling into the capital city of Accra, Ghana for the past 3 decades holding crusades. These leaders have been requesting for more than 3 years to bring our teams to Africa. Then several months ago, 4 of our ministries went into Uganda for national events and cast vision for U4J - Dates are currently being set for as early as 2019!


THE CARIBBEAN: Finally, B4J is opening up the entire Caribbean nations to W4J. The Lord spoke to Dr. Horvath on his initial trip into Nassau, that the Bahamas was a gateway into all the Caribbean nations. Numerous invitations are already extended to the W4J teams to come and help the churches of these nations.  


“I will follow this movement anywhere, Dr. James Horvath has faith for the impossible .” 


—  Eddie James, Founder of Eddie James Ministries, Dreamlife and Multi Award Winning Recording Artist

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