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Many Ministries have been involved the World 4 Jesus movement, here's some recognition for the great work that they've done for the kingdom of God


Dr. James Horvath has been the Senior Pastor of Calvary Lighthouse Church ( since 1987 and the founder and recognized CEO of James Horvath Ministries ( and the leader of the P4J 

(Philippines4Jesus) the movement which is responsible for having led more than 1/2 million souls to Christ over the past 20 years ( 


Calvary Lighthouse is an “Apostolic Regional Church" made up of people who come from 55 surrounding cities. Dr. Horvath has led the church through three building programs, the first being a million dollar project, the most recent being a 2.5 million dollar addition to an existing million dollar facility, and a major land expansion purchase. There are over 75 different Adult, Youth & Children's ministries and small groups that have been raised up by Dr. Horvath including the Great Miracles Bible Institute (in co-operation with Oral Roberts University). JHM is the international extension of Dr. Horvath's ministry has extended to many nations including; New Zealand, Europe (Brussels, Switzerland, Holland), U.K. (Ireland, Scotland, England), Israel, Jamaica, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameron, Mexico, and in the U.S. with a major thrust in the nation of the Philippines. JHM has led crusades (averaging 30,000 in attendance) and Schools of Ministry in 35+ cities of the Philippines and has worked with major leaders of 20,000 denominations and para-church ministries and more than 32,000 churches. To date, JHM has led over 1 million souls to Christ and is working on its next major Apostolic Initiative in Ireland called I4J.


Dr. Horvath has an earned Doctorate of Ministry from Oral Roberts University and was a part of the Executive Fast Track program by the personal invitation of President Richard Roberts (also included in his class of nine were Dr. Bob Rodgers, Billy Joe Daugherty, Bishop Michael Reid, Dean Clarence Boyd and others). He also has a Master's of Divinity degree from ORU, a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Central Bible College, and a background in engineering in from Ohio State University prior to entering the ministry. 


Dr. Horvath authored He’s Coming Soon (Charisma/ Creation House) and is has finished four other books including The Sinner's Prayer and God’s End-Time Plan of Glory, The Trinity: You Can Understand It!, Nations in the Balance (a commentary on the book & life of Daniel). He is a regular host of TBN's Chicago flagship “Praise the Lord” Show.


Dr. James and Rev. Michele were married in 1986 and have seven children (Jonathan, Rachael, Joseph, Joshua, Gabriel, Philip and Micah), and one grandchild (Wesson).

Ministries involved

Over the last 25 years there have been many ministries that have been connected with the development of W4J, this network has made it possible for National Outreaches to be a success. We want to recognize some of those that have made this movement a success.


Eddie James

Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist, Founder of Eddie James Ministries & Dream Life

Eddie James is a worship artist, minister, and founder of Eddie James Ministries, Eddie James Productions, DreamLife, Fresh Wine Records, and Fresh Wine Publishing. He has been in ministry for more than 20 years and traveled full time for 16 years.

Eddie James has an extensive worship leading and song writing history that began at a young age in Phoenix, AZ. As an internationally renowned worship artist, he releases his sound of worship to many of the worlds’s most impactful ministries. These ministries include Bishop TD Jakes, Lou Engle – The Call, Bill Johnson, Bethel Music, Perry Stone, Karen Wheaton, Kirk Franklin, and many more. His song writing, production, and artistry has carried his music to the top of Billboard Charts. “I Am”, “Lord, You’re Holy”, “Psalm 23”, “You’ve Been So Faithful”, “Breakthrough” and “Freedom” are just a few of the songs for which he is known. His songs have been performed by a wide range of music artists and ministries, from Judy Jacobs, Karen Wheaton and Helen Baylor to Joel Osteen – Lakeland Church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Mississippi Mass Choir.

Even universities such as Lee University and  Liberty University perform his music. His works have been featured on Fox News, Glen Beck, Oprah Winfrey Network and “Lion of Judah,” produced by Warner Brothers. His music and sound is sought after around the world, evidenced buy his appearances on TBN, God-TV, Daystar, “It’s Supernatural” – Sid Roth, and in magazines like “Charisma.”

Eddie’s music is the sound that trumpets his heart for both God and the broken. Eddie James rescues, restores, and raises up high school and college age youth who are coming out of drug addiction, street life, gangs, violence, abuse and perverse lifestyles through a recovery program known as DreamLife Ministries. When he is not traveling, he is with his spiritual and adopted sons and daughters, teaching his discipleship program called “Discipleship N Arts” (DNA). Because of this DNA, Edie James Ministries and DreamLife has empowered hundreds of youths to experience a life in freedom and discover their true significance – many of whom now have ministries of their own or are serving in powerful ministries and churches.

Eddie James is clearly a voice anointed to SHIFT a generation back to the heart of God.


Dr. Dave Burrows

Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries and  Accomplished Author of 14 Books

Dr. Dave Burrows currently serves as Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International which was founded by the late world renowned visionary and leader Dr. Myles Munroe whom he succeeded.  Dr. Burrows is a multifaceted motivator, inspirator, businessman, consultant, and mentor. Dr. Burrows was a longtime close associate of Dr. Munroe for over 30 years having travelled and partnered with Dr. Munroe in many events and venues.

One of the foremost authorities in the world on Youth development and Youth Ministry and a lifelong Youth Ministry and Family ministry specialist with over 25 years of experience in Youth development, training and mentoring Pastor Dave has pioneered many successful programs for youth and families affecting gangs, youth from all backgrounds, youth leaders around the world, Churches, Pastors and entire organizations and denominations.

He previously served as an advisor to the Bahamas Government on Youth matters in his home country as Chairman of the National Youth Advisory Council on three occasions. In addition to serving in his current capacity, Dr. Burrows also serves as President of Dave Burrows Youth and Family International, Youth Alive Ministries and as founder and president emeritus of The Christian Youth Leaders Network and the Global Youth Ministry Leadership Network.


Affectionately known as “Davy B” or “The Ruffneck Pastor” Dr. Dave Burrows was Born and raised in The Bahamas as a troubled teenager involved in the street world of drugs, sexual promiscuity, violence and crime. While in College, through the influence of his brother-in-law Pastor Robyn Gool Dave made a complete turnaround and went on to graduate from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Social Work and minor in Business.

An accomplished author Dr. Burrows has published fourteen books, served as executive producer of five movies and three music soundtracks. His works include The Laws of Good Success, Making the Most of Your Teenage Years, Power of Positive Choices, Sex and Dating and Kingdom Parenting which he co-authored with Dr.  Munroe. He has appeared on many local and international television programs and events hosted by TBN, TD Jakes Potters Touch, Oral Roberts University, Messiah College, Armstrong Williams, The Potters House Denver, Dr. Fred Price, and many others.  He has spoken and conducted seminars extensively in the United States, Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

In addition to Youth and Family ministry, Dr. Burrows has served as a business and technology consultant for many organizations.  His clients have included corporations, civic and social organizations, and churches. He previously served for many years as Vice President of both Bahamas Faith Ministries International and Myles Munroe International a global entity founded by the late Dr. Munroe. He founded and serves as president and CEO of Megabyte Computers and One Rib Publications.

Dr. Burrows has mentored and coached many individuals to personal and business success and continues to serve as both an inspirational and motivational speaker and life coach



Evangelist Nathan Morris

Founder and Ceo of Shake the Nations Ministries, Co-Organizer of the Bay Revival

After many years of running from God, Nathan Morris gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2002 when he had a life changing encounter with the presence of God.

God placed a passion in his heart to preach the Gospel to the lost. Initially, Nathan began preaching on the streets of England and in his father’s church. During the first few years, many people began to travel from all parts of the United Kingdom to experience the tangible presence of God in his services. It became evident that Nathan would minister the Gospel not only on the streets, but to the masses.

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In 2006, Nathan launched Shake The Nations Ministries and began to travel to the nations. The first STN Gospel Campaigns were held in remote areas of Africa and India. In these meetings, the STN team witnessed over 100,000 people convert to Christianity in just the first two years of the ministry. Countless documented miracles took place, with the blind, deaf, and crippled all testifying to their healing.

In 2010, Evangelist Nathan joined with Pastor John Kilpatrick and Church of His Presence for what has become known as the Bay Revival. In these meetings, thousands of salvations and notable healings were reported.

The Bay Revival was broadcast on GOD TV to over 200 nations around the world and countless lives were touched by God’s Spirit.

We praise God that through Shake the Nations, thus far over 350,000 people have made decisions for Jesus Christ in person. We may never know how many have given their lives to Christ through Christian Television and other media venues.

Today, Evangelist Nathan and his wife, Rachel, reside in Central Florida. Along with the Shake the Nations team, they travel around the world with a burning passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and to see the power of the Holy Spirit demonstrated through signs, wonders, and miracles.


Apostle Stephen Strader

Senior Pastor of Ignited Church & Organizer of the Lakeland Outpouring


Stephen Strader was born again at the age of 8, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and called into the ministry at the age of 12.  He entered the full time ministry at the age of 18.  He married his lovely wife, Janice, in August 1977.  He worked as an associate pastor at the Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, Florida from 1978 to 2005 with his father, Karl D. Strader.


     In December of 2005, Stephen became the senior pastor, and renamed the church, Ignited Church, purchased, remodeled, and moved the congregation to this facility.  Stephen began his education at Trinity College and completed his B.A. degree at Southeastern University in Lakeland.  He did graduate studies in Theology and Leadership at ORU, in Tulsa, OK.  In 2012, Stephen was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in Signs and Wonders, from the International Miracle Institute, Pensacola, FL.


     In 2008, Stephen hosted a five day conference on signs and wonders at Ignited Church, with evangelist Todd Bentley.  The meetings extended to 188 days.  Crowds swelled to over 10,000 each day.  They moved to six different locations to accommodate the crowds.  It is estimated that over 350,000 different people from over 200 countries attended the meetings, and over 40 million viewers watched on internet and satellite around the world. 

Stephen authored the book,

THE LAKELAND OUTPOURING, to tell the whole story.


     Stephen also travels throughout the United States and internationally, igniting, fanning, and reviving revival fires.  Signs, wonders, and unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit confirm the Word preached.  His mission: spread this revival fire everywhere.  Stephen and Janice reside in Lakeland FL where they have pastored for over 40 years.  They have four amazing adult children named: Jordan, Marcus, Austin, and Alexis, and four awesome grandkids!



Dr. Bob Rodgers

President of Church Growth International, Founder of America Fasting for Revival, Senior Pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center, Author of Several Award-winning Books including "The 21 Day Fast."


Dr. Bob Rodgers is the senior Pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY with a membership of over 9,000 believers. He is also president of Word Broadcasting Network in Louisville, KY. Bob and his wife, Margaret, co-host a Christian program called Word Alive. Word Broadcasting Network owns and operates 12 radio stations, AM, FM, short wave, and Channel 21 in Louisville.


He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Reverend Rodgers' ministry has touched lives around the world. He received a Doctorate in Ministries from ORU in May 2002. He has ministered in 40 nations around the world including: South Korea, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa. Pastor Rodgers also speaks in many churches and conferences throughout the United States.

Dr. Rodgers is founder of America Fasting for Revival and President of Church Growth International of the Americas. Although he is known for his excellent seminars on prayer and fasting, many have been led into the baptism of the Holy Spirit through his teaching ministry. He is the author of several books including, The 21 Day Fast.

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Bishop Oriel Ballono

 Founder & Senior Pastor of the Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry and G12 Coordinator for the Philippines

In 1988, Bishop Oriel M. Ballano (BOMB or 'The BOMB' as his church endearingly calls him) felt God speak to him about having a ministry that would grow to have so many people primarily from the campuses. On the same year, BOMB with his wife Geraldine founded the Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry (DFC), starting with a small group of people from the Far Easter University. Today the church has more than eleven thousand members.

DFC grew as BOMB followed Jesus' example of building the church on a foundation of 12 disciples. He adopted the G12 vision in 2003 to train twelve people that are able to reproduce the character of Christ in each of them and they
in turn are able to do the same with another twelve and so on, then the church experienced unprecedented growth. Today, the influence of his church that had such humble beginnings in Manila extends all over the nation.

BOMB was ordained Bishop by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) February 2010.


BOMB is the G12 coordinator for the Philippines, serving under Ps. Cesar Castellanos, founder of the G12 Vision. He is an inspirational pastor that has many recorded teachings about church growth, discipleship, and the G12 vision in conquering cities for Christ. He is also now becoming a well-sought-after international speaker in Asia and in the United States.BOMB and his wife Geraldine have three daughters, and a son. They all work together as a family in ministry.Pastor Geraldine C. Ballano has faithfully served alongside her husband since the birth of the DFC. Leading one of the largest networks of women in the nation, she is responsible for over 8,000 women inside the cell groups of DFC.

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Pastor Billy Thompson

Former Hall of Fame NBA Player and Senior Pastor of Jesus People Proclaim International

Billy Thompson is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Jesus People Proclaim International Church (JPPIC) for over 15 years; now residing in Deerfield Beach, FL. He is a profound revelator, teacher, and encourager whose heart is Kingdom minded to see believers fulfill Gods purpose in life, and Proclaim Gods life changing power through the love of Jesus Christ. This understanding is what propels him as he travels locally and internationally ministering, a word of hope, healing, and deliverance through Apostolic/Prophetic revelation. JPPIC has a diverse and progressively growing membership where he and his wife Cynthia Thompson, serve the communities that encompass Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade.

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