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Welcome to the Official Web Page for Road 2 Glory 2024 Prayer Gathering

📍 Date & Time:

January 21-24, 2024, Sunday-Wednesday.

Sessions at 10 AM & 7 PM.

🌾 Location:

Calvary Lighthouse Church, 14409 E Hemstock, Rochelle, IL 61068.

The theme for 2024:

The Year of the Door Discover the transformative power of Road 2 Glory, a unique blend of prayer and prophecy lighting the way for all our gatherings.


This year, ministries from around the world will join us in Rochelle, IL, to set the course for a spiritually fulfilling 2024.

Hosted by Dr. James Horvath Founder of World 4 Jesus and host of the unbroken 714 Prayer broadcast, now over 1200 days strong. Join Dr. Horvath daily on Facebook and YouTube at 7:14 AM CST for updates and insights into the Road 2 Glory journey.

Special Guests Include:

  • Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (Mon. Night 7pm)

  • Apostle John Eckhart (Tues. Night 7pm)

  • Keith Taylor (Wed. Night 7pm)

  • Glenn Dunlop (Wed. Night 7pm)

  • Apostle & NBA Champion Billy Thompson (Tues. Night 7pm)

  • Prophet Cynthia Thompson (Tues. Night 7pm)

  • Apostolic Missionary Stephen Strader (Sun. Night 7pm)

  • Apostle Charles Walters (Sun. 7pm)

  • Missionary Mike Livengood (Sun. Night 7pm)

  • Dr. Bob Rodgers (Mon. Night 7pm)

  • Chuck Brewster (Sun. Morning 10am)

Worship Leaders:

Experience live worship recordings for an upcoming album, featuring:

  • Michele Horvath

  • Stephen Jackson, Irish Recording Artist with a special Celtic anointing

  • Jason Houston, Classical Trained Pianist

Event Highlights:

  • Morning Panels: Roundtable discussions from 10 AM - 12 PM, Monday to Wednesday.

  • An Hour of Intercession before each service.

  • Deliverance Workshops: Monday & Wednesday, 2-4 PM.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!



Exclusive 15-minute video on Road 2 Glory 2024: A Prophetic Prayer Conference.

the official website

World 4Jesus (1).png

- Birthed through Prayer

 - Activated through Church Growth 

- Completed by an Apostolic Plan

W4J is a Global Project to spread the Gospel


W4J was developed over 25 years by Dr. James Horvath who has developed an Apostolic plan for transforming any nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Statistically, the national projects that have been developed have proven the opportunistic qualities of organizing a World 4 Jesus outreach. You can learn more about the details of this by going to the about section of this website below.


Previous and Current World 4 Jesus Projects


Uganda 4 Jesus


Over the years, World 4 Jesus has evolved into many different avenues of ministries. (evangelism, humanitarian efforts, social work, etc). If you would like to be apart of one of the apostolic teams, then please fill out the information in the form that you will be directed to by the link below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The review process is important to match you up with the right ministries going into the right cities and nations.


Learn about what's going on with W4J now!

THE Community

Sign up and join the World 4 Jesus Community, see what's going on across the World and how the projects are changing the Nations



When it comes to funding a project for an entire nation, from venues to promotion, there is a lot of different expenses to account for.  If you believe in this movement and want to support in a financial way you can so a seed below.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

shipped with U.S. :$25

local pick up: $20


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